About me

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My profile picture, a smirking cat

I use the username mniip on most platforms, pronounced /mniːp/.

Professionally, I’m a software developer, but my interests lie in the general trifecta of programming, mathematics, and physics.

I have programmed in too many languages to meaningfully list, but my favorite would be Haskell. I firmly believe in the static analysis approach to software, that programs should be correct by construction. As such I am interested in advanced type systems and proof assistants.

I have a taste for technically sophisticated (and often probably overengineered) solutions to problems with non-standard constraints. This ranges from slick applications of pure functional programming, to esoteric languages, to osdev and embedded.

On the math side of things I am into category theory, type theory, theory of computation, but also functional analysis and quantum information.

You may have heard of me because: